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Will MySpace follow YouTube, Pandora out of U.K.?

The social network may be next in pulling premium music videos, according to a published report.

MySpace may follow YouTube by muffling music in the United Kingdom, according to a published report.

MySpace UK, as well as other music services, are struggling to renegotiate licensing deals with the Performance Rights Society, a royalty-collection group in Great Britain.

U.K. publication The Guardian cited an anonymous source Tuesday who said "the launch of MySpace UK's comprehensive music service later this year could be thrown into jeopardy."

MySpace and YouTube representatives were not immediately available to comment.

Online radio service Pandora pulled out of Great Britain more than a year ago. The Oakland, Calif.-based company said at the time it was not offered an "economically workable license fee."

Google's prior deal with the PRS involved an undisclosed flat fee for 10 million pieces of music, according to the blog PaidContent. The deal has now expired and talks have broken down.