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Why Amazon wanted Twitch

CNET's Bridget Carey explains the lure of video game streaming site Twitch and why Amazon bought it for nearly $1 billion. Meanwhile, Instagram launches a new video app Hyperlapse, and GoPro has gone to the dogs.

Every month, nearly 55 million people are visiting to watch strangers play video games. Today's CNET Update quickly explains the popularity of this YouTube-like site for gamers, and why Amazon is paying $970 million to own it:

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But Twitch isn't the only video-related news in this roundup. Instagram has a new iOS app for recording time-lapse videos, called Hyperlapse.

If you want video from the perspective of man's best friend, strap on a $60 GoPro Fetch to your dog. But felines shouldn't feel left out of the pet tech scene: the PawTrack GPS collar for cats is prepping for launch.

(And there's even something in today's video for goldfish fans.)

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Why Amazon wanted Twitch