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What You're Not Craving: Top 10 products you say you hate

In this week's episode of What You're Craving, we check out the top 10 products you have said aren't for you. What's the most hateful garbage around? Find out now!

Here at CNET UK we tear apart the latest tech to tell you in no uncertain terms whether or not it's worth your tax rebate hard-earned money.

We also like nothing more than hearing your opinions on the products, which is why we put the 'Want it', 'Own it' and 'Not for me' buttons on all our reviews to see what products are causing sweet dreams or waking terrors.

Last week, we looked at the gadgets you wanted the most. This week, we take a look at the top ten products you feel aren't for you.

1) Samsung Galaxy S2 -- In at number one is the Samsung Galaxy S2. Does this seem familiar? If it does, it's because it was also at the top of your 'want' list last week. Honestly, can't you guys make your mind up?

2) Samsung Galaxy Ace -- The Galaxy Ace made last week's 'Want' list too, but evidently the cheap and cheerful specs that attracted so many wants are putting plenty of you off as well.

3) HTC ChaCha -- The ChaCha also appread in last week's list. We imagine the reason so many of you don't want it is for the Facebook button on the front. Come on, it's a little pointless.

4) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 -- Samsung's latest tablet attempt has made an appearance. Those of you who don't want it were presumably fairly happy when it got banned from sale, but perhaps less so when that decision was overturned.

5) Apple iPad 2 -- Okay, so we're a little surprised at this. Apple's super-popular tablet, disliked by so many? Evidently the Android tabs are finding their place in your hearts.

6) HTC Sensation -- Another one from last week's list. We reckon it was the speedy processor and large screen that tempted so many, but plenty of you just aren't keen on such a chunky fellow.

7) Apple iPhone 4 -- Well well, Apple is in here again. We totally understand this one though -- we don't want the iPhone 4 either. We're much more excited about the iPhone 5.

8) Orange Rio -- Not everyone likes cheap and cheerful phones named after exotic locations. That's probably why the Rio has turned up in this week's list. Maybe you'd be more tempted if it was called the Orange Rotherham or the Orange Bognor Regis?

9) Canon EOS 600D -- Finally, a product that isn't a phone or a tablet! We can't think what the poor 600D has done to offend so many of you -- it packs some great features. We suppose the plasticky feel won't appeal to everyone. Maybe you'd rather have the 60D?

10) Toshiba Satellite R630 -- We gave this laptop five stars and an Editors' Choice award back in September, but evidently not all of you agree with our decision. Was it the average 3D performance that put you off?

So there we have the 10 products most commonly voted as 'not for me' this week. Are you surprised by the results? Make sure you tell us what you think in the comments section below or over on our Facebook page.

Next week we'll be finding out which are the top products you've splashed your cash on. Stay tuned.