What you're craving: Top ten most wanted products

We take a look at what products you, the dashing readers, have been craving the most and put it together into a lovely top ten guide.

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Andrew Lanxon
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At CNET UK we pride ourselves on delving deep into our grey matter each and every day to tell you exactly why you might -- or might not -- want the latest shiny tech. We'll tear apart everything from headphones to TVs, laptops to mobile phones, cameras to cars (if we feed Rory enough in the mornings) just so we can tell you if any of this stuff is worth your hard-earned cash.

Of course, we value your opinion too -- after all, you're the ones who are buying the stuff -- and that's why we put the 'Want it', 'Own it' and 'Not for me' buttons on all our reviews.

We've rounded up all the data from those buttons. Let's take a look at the top ten things you wanted the most in the last week.

1) Samsung Galaxy S2 -- In at number one is the Samsung Galaxy S2. This powerhouse of a phone has a gorgeous design and a wonderful 4.2-inch screen so we're not surprised it's so popular. We gave this bad boy our Editor's Choice award too.

2) Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro -- This tiny little chap proves Qwerty keyboards are still popular. Even with its diminutive size and restrictive screen real estate it's still high on your want-lists.

3) BlackBerry Bold 9900 -- Evidently BlackBerry isn't quite finished yet -- the new Bold is in high demand! It does look pretty snazzy and packs some powerful kit, so it's a promising new offer from RIM. Make sure to check out the full review later today (that link will take you there).

4) Samsung Galaxy Ace -- This cheap and cheerful chap packs some sweet Android features without demanding all your cash. It's that reason why it's made your top-ten list this week.

5) HTC ChaCha -- The ChaCha has received much like from you all. Evidently its pleasant keyboard and handy Facebook button really appeal.

6) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 -- One of the few non-iPad tablets we'd even consider having and clearly you agree. You may want it, but you very nearly weren't able to get it. You can now, but who knows how long for?

7) Orange Rio -- Many of you are after BlackBerry stylings on the cheap and the Rio fits the bill. You want it more, in fact, than its more recent replacement, the Rio 2.

8) Asus Eee Pad Transformer - Is it a tablet? Is it a laptop? There's no need to decide with this effort. It seems many of you are after the best of both worlds.

9) HTC Wildfire S -- It may not have the raw power of other smart phones, but this Android handset has more than enough charm to make it into your top ten wants.

10) HTC Sensation -- HTC is here again. This time, it's the Sensation's turn to impress you with its speedy processor and massive screen. Evidently you don't mind its corpulent stature.

So there we have it, the top ten items you want the most this week. We realise they're all phones (and a tablet), but that's not our fault -- they just happen to be the ten items you all really want!

Next week we'll be looking at the top ten devices you really don't want. Make sure to check in to see which product takes the top title of 'most hated product'.