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Webware Roundup

Monday's goings on in the world of Webware.

Peerflix adds swapping service

Peerflix (which is kind of like Netflix for communists) has changed its purchase model in an attempt to make it more friendly to DVD traders. Peerbux, the strange pseudo-currency, no longer exists. In its place is trade cash, which still has an irregular conversion rate of $3.75 real dollars to 1 trade dollar. Confused? So are we. What are no longer confusing are the movie description pages, which combine professional and user reviews along with recommendations and availability information to bring that part of its service up to par with Netflix.

CNET Networks

DivShare file hosting launches

There are tons of ways to share your files these days. DivShare tossed its hat into the pile with yet another free file-hosting service. Similar to MediaFire, DivShare is all about making the upload process simple. There are no download tickets, wait counters, or advertisements. What sets DivShare apart is its pleasantly quick speed. DivShare also adds Facebook sharing for users who want to add original content to their profiles or send files to friends.

MakeWords helps the unoriginal

Pastel color schemes and search engine optimization will only get you so far in the world of Web 2.0. Most of all, you need a cool domain name. MakeWords pulls double duty as a random name generator and domain availability checker. If you want to delve deeper into a name that's already taken, it pulls up information from DomainTools and purchasing options from multiple domain sellers including GoDaddy and Yahoo. MakeWords could be a handy tool if you're struggling to find a name for your new startup. The site says that all listed domains are pronounceable, but we'll be damned if rolls off the tongue.