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Webware 100 winner: Meebo

Meebo is a software-less instant messaging service.

      Meebo is a multinetwork instant-message service that runs in your browser window. It emulates the look and feel of similar software services, yet requires no download or installation. You can also "pop out" your chat windows and buddy list, just in case you want to escape the confines of your browser.

      In 2007, Meebo launched an application platform, letting developers create applications and services that tie into Meebo's chat architecture. At launch there a small handful of video and voice chat tools. Since then there are nearly 50 community created applications including file transfer, speed dating, and multiplayer games.

      Besides basic one-on-one chat, Meebo also offers a service called "Rooms," which makes it easy for users to share media and Web sites. All you have to do to embed a YouTube video or a Flickr photo (or media from Metacafe, Google Video, Photobucket, or MySpace) is paste the URL into the chat window; then other users will be able to play media directly, without leaving the chat session.

      Winner: Meebo (
      Category: Communication