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Webware 100 winner: LiveJournal

LiveJournal is part blog, part social network.

      LiveJournal is a popular blogging service that lets users set up a simple, no-frills blog with very little technical know-how required. Users can skin it any way they'd like, and make it a part of the LiveJournal blog network.

      LiveJournal is also a very tight-knit social network. Users can befriend one another and keep up to date when other users post to their blogs. While the idea has made its way to other mainstream social networks like MySpace and Facebook, LiveJournal retains its appeal mostly because of its intensely engaged audience.

      The company was sold to Russian media company SUP late last year, although many who worked on the site continue to as part of the service splitting off from former parent company Six Apart.

      Winner: LiveJournal (
      Category: Social