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Webware 100 winner: iPhone

Apple's latest shiny gadget's got some real Web 2.0 power.

      Apple's iPhone got a lot of buzz for its sleek exterior and amazing interface. It was also one of the first mainstream devices to ship with an innovative take on mobile Internet browsing with its finger-friendly version of Safari. Safari Mobile shares the same rendering engine as its big brother. The major difference is that instead of tabs, it can have up to eight windows open at a time that users can parse through with their fingers.

      To scale large Web sites to such a small screen, Apple employs gestures to let users zoom in and around the page. This interface led to a huge outpouring of specially developed Web apps and services designed specifically to suite the device and its innovative interface.

      Despite the excitement, one of Safari Mobile's major shortcomings has been the lack of Adobe Flash, which has quickly become an integral part in many popular Web sites for sharing media.

      Winner: Apple iPhone (
      Category: Browsing