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Webware 100 voting closes this week, so vote now

User voting for the 2009 Webware 100 ends on Thursday. Vote now to make your voice heard!

Nearly half a million votes have been recorded so far in the Webware 100, our annual awards program where Web 2.0 users and readers vote for their favorite online apps. Voting closes at noon Thursday, so if you want your opinion to count, go vote now.

There are 30 products in each of 10 categories, and there will be 10 winners in each, for a total of 100 products that get designated the 2009 Webware 100. Some clear winners have emerged in each category, but there are battles going on in each, as well as some oddities.

In Audio & Music, iLike is trailing and is not in the Top 10. Grooveshark's in the lead, and Pandora and are neck and neck.

More people are voting in the Social & Publishing and the Browsing categories than the others. But in Social & Publishing, Digg has yet to crack the top 10 in the voting, although two-time Webware 100 winner Gaia is performing well (never underestimate the power of the teen girl demographic).

In Browsing, Maxthon is leading the pack just as it did last year, while Flock trails the list of the top 10. The usual suspects (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera) are doing well.

The Productivity and the Location-based services categories are getting the smallest numbers of votes, which means that some relatively small products may place in the Webware 100 this year. In productivity, Google Docs is in the lead, but Microsoft Office Live is doing well. Enterprise favorite is not, though.

In Location services, popular online maps from Google and Microsoft are performing well, as is the local reviews service Yelp.'s online mapping product--a Webware editor's favorite--is falling off the map this year, though.

Other surprises: Woot has yet to crack the top 10 in the Commerce category, and Netflix hasn't yet cracked into one of the top spots in Photo & Video.

To vote in all categories, go to the Webware 100 now. Click into the slideshow below for more about the current leaders.