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Warner Bros. opens Web multiplex

Warner Bros. has opened the doors to a new Web-based multilevel entertainment site.

Warner Bros. Online has launched a multilevel entertainment site that includes a Superman serial drama, Looney Tunes Karaoke, and online trading cards.

Aimed at children and adults, the site features both repurposed and original content.

DC Comics fans can hear the original 1940s radio broadcasts of the weekly Superman serials. Using RealAudio technology, the site will post one 15-minute chapter each week.

The Looney Tunes Karaoke area will feature original lyrics to familiar songs, illustrated with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck animations.

Email users can download Online WeB cards to send free digital postcards festooned with Looney Tunes characters. The site will also be used to publicize Warner Bros. movies and TV offerings.