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Urban tech-warrior: Gadget gear on the go

Living in a busy city isn't easy at the best of times, but if you're a gadget fan it's even more tricky keeping your kit safe. All is not lost, though -- check out our rundown of the latest accessories for urban tech-warriors...

Living in urban environments can be stressful, especially if you like to carry all your gadgets with you. There are a few companies out there, however, who are making products specifically designed to keep you latched on to your technology like an ocean-dwelling remora attached to a shark.

If music is your thing then you can't go wrong with the wackily wonderful LINK Pack that comes with built in amp, speakers, microphone for your mobile phone and soft keys that adjust volume and even answer calls. This unique backpack is made by Skullcandy, a company that takes audio very seriously.

The LINK Pack's amp takes four AA batteries and powers two speakers that are hidden in the straps. You simply have to attach your MP3 player and mobile phone to the specially designed pockets and you're ready to annoy commuters, amuse friends or make and take calls, all through your backpack.

If you're stuck in the same train carriage as somebody listening to music over the loudspeaker system in their bag you're likely to find the device annoying, although you may be able to persuade your fellow commuter to use the headphone socket. The LINK Pack is available for around £90 from the Skullcandy Web site.

If music isn't your thing and you'd rather lug around your laptop, then a company called tech air makes laptop bags that will survive most urban obstacles and keep your devices safely tucked away. One of their newest bags is the 3107, which features a special compartment for a 12-inch laptop, a mobile phone pocket and an MP3 player pocket. Recently we reviewed the tech air 5702 bag that also uses a special compartment to store laptops. This compartment is surrounded by an air cushion, which tech air claims will protect your laptop if the bag is dropped from waist height. The 3107 is available for around £50 and the 5702 costs around £60 from the tech air Web site.

Ultimately, though, the greatest obstacle for any tech-urbanite isn't noise or dropping your kit, but having someone half inch it. If you're worried about keeping your MP3 player, laptop or any other device safe, then you might want to have a look at Bluetrek's Serenity.

It's a device that uses one or two tags and a receiver to alert you to the proximity of your device. It also has a finder mode, so if you've lost something at home you can find it via a beeping noise. We tested it out and it does work, but the tags are a little on the large side and could be ripped off by a keen thief -- don't expect a bodyguard level of security. It will be available later this month, but at £68 we think that it's seriously overpriced. -AL