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tech air Series 5 5702: love your laptop

Every laptop needs some loving and tech air's bags aim to please. With the 5702's array of straps, pockets, zips and pull-out flaps, you'll be kept happy and your padded laptop will be super safe

We love our little laptops. It's our duty to ensure they don't come to any harm in this big, bad world -- we need them to serve us well and ensure we have a roof over our heads. Three things are important to remember when looking after laptops: protection, security and style.

tech air has brought out a range of specialist bags that aim to offer all three. They feature 'air technology' protection, meaning that instead of using degradable foam for padding, they use expandable air pockets. These are pumped up rather like an airbed, keeping your baby safe from knocks, as well as ensuring a few biffs in peoples' faces on the Tube.

tech air also offers a free tracking facility for its users. You, dear owner, can sign up for i-TRAK, a one-year service that registers your bag and laptop and allows you to track and, fingers crossed, recover your beloved in the event of any unfortunate intervention from the criminal fraternity.

And style? It's all about fitting in. In this bag your laptop won't look (much) like a laptop at all, making it the envy of its peers. With the 5702's selection of additional playthings -- zips, pockets and pull-off bits, such as the 'Skinn' that lets you take out your essentials and hot-desk with ease -- you and your laptop will be equipped with all the finest accessories to ensure you lead a healthy existence.

At £59.99 this laptop cradling service does not come cheap, nor is it without flaws, but with protection, security and style in mind, it's worth checking out. -KM