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Up to 41 percent of Netflix users plan to cancel

Two separate polls show between 30 and 41 percent of Netflix users have already canceled their accounts or will soon in protest of new price hikes. What will you do?

Netflix announced yesterday that customers who want to retain the right to stream movies online and also receive at least one DVD at a time in the mail will face price hikes of as much as 60 percent. The reaction on social channels was swift and fierce, with tens of thousands of people commenting on the company's Facebook page in the first 24 hours after the announcement.

A very informal sampling we took of some of those comments showed more than 96 percent of them were negative, 3 percent were neutral, and 1 percent defended Netflix. That's not exactly scientific research, but it sure gives a clear idea of the general sentiment that has resulted from this move. Meanwhile, two surveys of readers of two separate Web sites found as much as 41 percent of current subscribers plan to discontinue their account completely in protest.

We've decided to check in with our readers to see if you feel the same way. If you currently have a Netflix account, please take a second to answer our poll and let us know what you plan to do in light of Netflix's new plans.

Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET