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Ultralight notebooks may be cool but they still run Windows

I struggle to see how hardware vendors think they can excite the market with cool new gear when it all runs Windows.

HP 2230 small but runs Windows
HP 2230 small but runs Windows Hewlett-Packard

I'm a big fan of tiny computers and I continue to follow the world of these "laptot" machines that pack a decent hardware punch into a very small form factor. The problem? They pretty much all run Windows. Some vendors have Linux options but I can't figure out why you would want to deal with the weight of Windows on a machine geared toward more casual use.

Wouldn't it make a lot more sense for the hardware guys to eschew Windows for these machines and move to some Linux distro? Today's multivendor announcement of Microsoft-free desktops is a great start toward this ideal.

I have the Asus Eee PC and despite some battery issues that were eventually resolved with a firmware update, it's great. I use it at home watching TV and can even let my 1-year-old play with it since Linux doesn't get completely hosed as Windows would. And the interface is so easy to navigate you don't have worry about icons, registries etc. $400 well spent.

At this point, 95 percent of all business users should be able to survive with just browser-based applications. Laptot machines give you everything you need running Linux.

For work I use a MacBook Air, which has a fantastic form factor but poor battery life. However, it's still a better choice simply because of the user experience.

As the target customer for pretty much every piece of technology I find it disappointing that hardware vendors aren't thinking this through more.