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Uber cooking up UK expansion for its food delivery service, report says

Uber may soon be bringing its UberEats take-out app -- which is currently in 16 cities around the world -- to the UK.

Uber's food delivery service may be headed to the UK.

The UberEats service lets customers order meals from local restaurants via an app. California-based Uber is currently recruiting bicycle and scooter drivers in London ahead of an expected UK launch, according to a report in BuzzFeed.

The app is currently up and running in 16 cities around the world, including New York, Toronto, Houston, Singapore, Paris and Melbourne. Uber will be playing catchup if it launches UberEats in the UK, where similar services such as Deliveroo have already proved popular.

"UberEats has been hugely popular in every city around the world we have launched it in, so the fact we are exploring the UK market shouldn't come as a surprise," Uber said in a statement. "We're always looking at what other services we can bring to the market here."

Uber has proved controversial in the UK, sparking protests from black-cab drivers, who argue that Uber's GPS-based app means it should be regulated as a taxi cab company, rather than as a private hire company.