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Twitter and Facebook let you watch the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade

Not in Sydney? You can still watch one of the world's biggest LGBTQI events via social media.


Sydney's Mardi Gras Parade is one of the world's biggest LGBTQI events. 

Peter Parks/Getty Images

Cher has landed, the glitter cannons are primed and Australia is getting ready to celebrate Mardi Gras -- and you can live-stream the whole thing.

Twitter and Facebook are set to broadcast the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade on Saturday (through the SBS Twitter and Facebook pages), taking one of the world's biggest LGBTQI events beyond the streets of Sydney.

The stream will show off more than 200 parade floats -- with plenty of focus on the recent marriage equality vote -- as well as interviews with special guests including parade headliner, Cher (believe it).

It's a sign of the times for the social networks. Twitter and Facebook have both been pushing hard to break into the broadcast space, with Twitter snapping up rights for big drawcard events like Major League Baseball and Comic-Con, and Facebook going all in on live video and creating its own original content

It's also a big way for the Mardi Gras to celebrate its 40th anniversary, with the Twitter and Facebook live streams bringing the parade to viewers all around the world, not just Australia. 

You can watch the live stream on the Twitter account and Facebook page of Australian broadcaster SBS from 7 p.m. AEDT. SBS will also broadcast the parade in Australia on free-to-air TV and on SBS On Demand.

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