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Twitter driven by older users: I hope I tweet before I get old

People try to put us down, just because we tweet around... talkin' 'bout my generation. Yes, Twitter's explosion in traffic is being driven by the older g-g-g-generation

It's the most devastating moment in a young man's life, when he quite reasonably says to himself, "I shall never play The Dane!" Or be a professional footballer, or have to give up his young person's railcard, or remember Doctor Who the first time around. But fear not, ageing boys and girls, for you will always have a home at Twitter.

According to Comscore, Twitter traffic neared 10 million hits in February, which is a gobsmacking 700 per cent up on last year. There's been an explosion of 5 million hits in the last two months alone as Twitter has hit the headlines.

What makes this even more impressive is that Twitter differs from many Web sites because it can be accessed through different applications, from Twhirl to TweetDeck to Nambu.

But interestingly, Reuters reporter Alexei Oreskovic analysed the demographics of tweeters, and discovered that the site's traffic increase has been driven by older users: tweeters aged 25-54. This tweets in the face of the traditional early adopter model, which shows the younger digital native generation being hip to all the latest fads, like Pokemon and leg warmers. Wait, do the kids still say 'hip'?

In other news, Facebook announced it has hit 200 million users today, just three months after hitting 150 million. Aw, haven't you grown?

So we may not be as radical as we used to be, but we'd obviously feel at home on Twitter. You can follow CNET UK for the latest tech news and gadget-related japery, like this or this or this.