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Twitmatic turns Twitter into a TV channel

Watch videos people are Twittering about with Twitmatic, a new video jukebox service from the creators of

Twitmatic is a new video aggregator from the creators of Ffwd. It taps into Twitter's public stream and pulls together a grouping of videos people have posted in their Tweets. It's powered by the same technology that runs Ffwd, which means you can skip to the next video when you get bored of the one you're watching.

Videos come from a number of different providers, and just like on the Ffwd app, they're sized to fit within a 640x440 player window, meaning the rest of the Twitmatic UI won't change when you switch videos. While the tool doesn't show you the person's entire tweet (where the video was aggregated from) it does show you who posted about it with a link to their Twitter feed.

Below each video is the option to promote the site, or the video itself. Clicking the video link sends over the name of the video, and a link to it--as presented in to a new Twitter message. The app does not require you to enter your Twitter credentials, it merely requires you be signed in to make use of these two promotion tools.

Future versions of Twitmatic will include more ways to filter the videos that show up, either by keyword, Ffwd content channels, or by the people you follow on Twitter. The company will also be creating a player that can display videos based on words that are currently trending on Twitter, turning it into a real-time video meme tracker.

Twitmatic lets you watch videos people are Twittering about. CNET Networks