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Toss the Luna on your mattress to make your bed smarter

Wrist-worn sleep trackers are so 2014. The Luna mattress cover tracks your sleep, heats your bed to just the right temperature and has a built-in smart alarm to wake you up at the right time.

There's a new sleep tracker on the market, but instead of wearing it on your wrist, this one cozies up with you under the sheets. The new Luna mattress cover, similar to the Misfit Beddit before it, converts your bed into a smart bed that tracks your sleeping patterns to help you get a better night's sleep.

The Luna has tons of sensors that measure things like heart rate, breathing patterns and sleep patterns, and it even has microphones to determine whether you're snoring. Luna's dual-zone temperature control heats the bed to you and your sleeping partner's individual temperature preferences, and a smart alarm wakes you up during the light part of your sleep cycle so you wake up less groggy. These features are controlled by an Android or iOS app so you and your partner can set alarms and view and react to sleep data from your smartphone.

Like other smart products, Luna uses your sleep patterns to recommend ways to improve your slumber, and automatically adjusts the temperature of your bed so you get a better night's sleep. Luna is an open-source product, and it can connect with devices like the Nest smart thermostat, Emberlight smart lights, and the Lockitron smart deadbolt so your home can automatically lock when your body hits the bed.

The Luna smart mattress is up for preorder on Indiegogo, where backers can secure a smart mattress pad for $179 to $189 (about £118 to £124, AU$225 to AU$238), depending on size. It will ship for free in the US, and international buyers can add shipping anywhere in the world for $50 (about £33/AU$63).