Misfit Beddit Sleep System slips under your mattress to listen to you breathe

The makers of the Misfit Shine fitness tracker have pulled a deeper sleep-analysis bed accessory into the fold, in an attempt to expand its wellness reach.

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Scott Stein
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Fitness and health might be a landscape best defined by how products work together. Or, how they don't. But it seems that fitness trackers and other wellness accessories are in a hurry to start dovetailing in 2014. Case in point: Misfit, makers of the Shine fitness tracker , have announced the Misfit Beddit Sleep System, a partnership with Beddit, a $149.99 (prices in the UK and AU are not available yet, but it converts to £85/AU$160) under-the-bed sleep tracker that offers deeper analysis than what's already available when wearing a Shine on your wrist.


Beddit isn't new: it launched earlier this year as a thin, slide-under-the-mattress peripheral that's sensitive enough to record heart rate, snoring, movement and breathing data. You don't need to wear anything while using it, either: Beddit pairs with the Misfit app automatically via Bluetooth. Misfit's partnership with Beddit adds integration with their existing fitness app and Shine fitness tracker, plus new algorithms to work with Beddit.

"We are truly excited to add ambient sleep analysis to the Misfit experience. Shine is a beautifully designed product for activity tracking and coupled with the Beddit Sleep Monitor, it offers a comprehensive solution for 24/7 wellness monitoring," CEO and founder of Beddit Lasse Leppakorpi says in Misfit's press release.

This is Misfit's second move to expand its landscape of connected devices in several weeks, after adding a Pebble app for fitness tracking in June.

Withings, makers of several connected health equipment devices, announced its own similar Aura sleep-tracking bed accessory earlier this year. We haven't done testing of these yet at CNET, but how accurate and analytical these extra sleep trackers can be will go a long way towards convincing people to slide one of them under their bed. The Misfit Beddit is currently available to order starting today.