Today's tidbits: iPhone apps, Netvibes updates, and special Spore

Some small stories from today, rounded up.

FriendFeed's new iPhone app is now hand and eye-friendly. FriendFeed

Here are some news tidbits from today that were too small to fill out entire posts. We've grouped together three that are worth your time.

FriendFeed puts out an iPhone app. Social aggregator FriendFeed has launched an iPhone-friendly version of its news feed ( Previously users had to use a service like FFtoGo to get the stream of news reformatted to match the resolution on the popular handheld device. The new look incorporates image sharing, using a bit of a work-around with Mail2FF, a service that posts e-mailed photos and messages to your activity stream or private rooms.

Netvibes adds Google search, trend tracking. Netvibes users will find a new Google search box in their start pages. Any search will show up with results that keep the user in the Netvibes environment, and will be saved as a new tab. As TechCrunch noticed, the company also soft launched a new section called Buzz that tracks some of the most favorite links using Netvibes' starring system. Results can be honed down to within the last hour or the last two days.

A Spore with more parts. Too cheap to shell out $10 for the full version of EA's Spore Creature Creator? Computer maker HP is offering a free demo version that has a few more parts than the standard demo offering. Like I said when I checked it out earlier this month, this is one piece of software that's got a fully connected Web 2.0 presence with a community site and YouTube integration.

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