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Tivo, Comcast, or HBO just screwed me by deleting a recording with no recovery

Does Tivo have the right to delete programs without my permission? Why not just show up and look at photo albums and throw things away.

For those of you who have young children you know that you need some kind of bedtime ritual to get the kid to go to sleep.

Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Moon Margeret Wise Brown

At our house we watch the Goodnight Moon show that we Tivo'd from HBO. I should have bought the DVD a few months back instead of just now but we figured it would always be in the Tivo!

This 30 minute masterpiece does an amazing job calming the savage beast. But today we got quite a surprise when the Tivo deleted the show on it's own and doesn't show it in "Recently Deleted Items" or offer a way to search for deleted items. So now the damn thing is just gone and we had to wrangle the kid to sleep after reading her a book. (Yes, I know we should probably do that anyway, but the video is magic.)

So, who's to blame? I don't know. I checked the Tivo forums and read that HBO is now expiring programs from people's Tivo boxes, and I don't trust Comcast a whole lot so I am sure there is collusion in there somewhere.

I am incredibly annoyed and honestly feel like my rights as a consumer (especially one who has owned 3 Tivos and pays a whopping cable bill) have been trampled. I am sure there is some explanation but it's infuriating. There is nothing in my contract with Tivo (or Comcast) that says they can delete material on my Tivo that I continue to pay a subscription for.

Having been a *very* happy Tivo owner for about 7 years this is the first time where I have been so pissed that I want to throw the thing out the window. I guess I will go check out MythTv.