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'This is sand' offers sweet reprieve for landlocked office drones

Make mountains of colored sand with This is Sand.

Did you forget to schedule vacation time this summer to hit the beach, or another place with that thing called nature? There's hope, albeit a dirty one in the form of This simple Flash app will let you drop colored sand to your heart's content. You can build up huge mountains to stare at in place of the real world, and it comes complete with a soothing sand sound with each drop.

While not as engaging as the classic falling sand game, the end results have a really neat textured look, and you can swap between colors at any time with a simple keyboard shortcut. You can also blend a spectrum of colors by drawing a line across the color chooser. The default one will simply go from black to white. When finished you can either snap a screenshot of it or send it to a gallery to share with others.

[found on Delicious]

Create huge mountains of sand in color or in black and white, as seen here with CNET Networks