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Things to know about social-media marketing

Social media is becoming part of every company's marketing and PR strategy. There's value in these tools, provided that you've identified what you hope to achieve.

Social media programs have become legitimate marketing tools, providing immediacy and insight into communications. But, they require a great deal of attention to maintain and a fairly sophisticated level of metric analysis to ensure that the programs are valuable.

Creating corporate blogs and Twitter accounts or developing Facebook inclusion programs are just a few possibilities, and there are many more options for marketing teams looking for new bang from their PR dollars.

Over at the PageOne PR Page Wonders blog, Jenna Boller details Five Things You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing and PR

  1. Social media requires a willingness and readiness to engage.
  2. Your audience might not naturally pay attention.
  3. Social media never stops.
  4. Social media requires A LOT of planning.
  5. Social media is everyone's responsibility.

Social media is becoming part of every company's marketing strategy. There is a great deal of measurable value from these tools provided you have established a baseline of what you hope to achieve.

Disclosure: I occasionally borrow office space from Page One PR.

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