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The official start-ups of Web 2.0

A baker's dozen of new Web services

There are several new companies and products being unveiled at the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco this week. I'll be reporting on as many of them as I can.

Only 13 companies were selected to participate in the "Launchpad" sessions on Tuesday. Chosen from more than 200 applicants (I'm trying to get ahold of that list), these are supposed to be the most promising of the current crop of Web 2.0 start-ups. I'm not sure they are hands-down the best the Web has to offer, but they are all very interesting. The 13 selected start-ups are: 3B, Adify, In the Chair, Instructables, oDesk, Omnidrive, Pidgin Technologies, Sharpcast, Sphere, Stikkit, TimeBridge, Turn, and Venyo.

Of these start-ups, I think the most important is Omnidrive [my take], since it has the potential to integrate disparate Web applications. But the most immediately useful may be Timebridge. Watch for my review.

Keep reading the Webware blog for impressions of these and other products as they are rolled out.