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The neighborhood rush

Community-building features are all the rage right now, but analysts wonder if the traffic they attract will help Web firms' bottom lines.

Internet portal sites and others are tripping over themselves to Portalopoly offer home page tools and virtual meeting places to users. But even with explosive growth in recent months, there is no guarantee that this community-building will translate into dollars.

What's behind the boom
news analysis Community features are all the rage, but analysts wonder whether the traffic those features draw will also attract advertising.

Yahoo offers community building
update Yahoo becomes the latest portal to offer the service, which allows end users to create their own closed communities.

Excite tests new communities
update The portal site debuts a communities service designed to help small businesses, extended families, and others communicate.

iMac gets a Web community
Users of the new iMac will be able to create Web pages on a site made specifically for them.

Study shows top 50 growth sites
Personal expression and communication seem to be the name of the game for Web site growth, according to a new study by Media Metrix.