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The discount is strong with this robotic Star Wars vacuum cleaner

Samsung's limited-edition vacuum is selling at Home Depot for $200, which is 72% off the original price.


Samsung's limited edition, Stormtrooper-themed robot vacuum has apparently come and gone, too beautiful to live in this harsh world. But while it's mostly unavailable (or, since it's going as high as $1,500 with some third-party Amazon sellers, priced beyond the reach of a sane person), you can currently get the POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition Stormtrooper Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for $200 at Home Depot. That's 72% off the regular price of $700.

Frankly, I'm thrilled that this device exists and I've watched several of Samsung's goofy promotional videos over and over this morning, wondering how I could have possibly missed this when it debuted back in 2017.

Yes, this vacuum looks like a Stormtrooper helmet and plays various Star Wars signature sound effects, including Darth Vader's mechanical breathing, various snippets of dialog from the movies and light saber whooshes. But it's not all novelty: Samsung claims this vacuum has 20 times more suction power than previous models, and includes onboard cameras and sensors to build a 3D map of your home for optimal pathfinding and thorough cleaning. For cleaning edges, such as along walls, it has an innovative "shutter" that drops down and scrapes dirt into the vacuum's maw.

CNET hasn't reviewed this vacuum, but some of the low scores on Home Depot complained that the vacuum doesn't include virtual boundaries or a remote control. In fairness, however, it is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled with a mobile app. The way I see it, if you're a Star Wars fan, you simply can't go wrong with this model for $200. 

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