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Operating Systems

The 20 most innovative consumer electronics products of the decade

What are the most influential electronics products of the decade? CNET picks its top 20, listed in alphabetical order.


Recently, with the help of some of the editors here at CNET, I put together list of the biggest tech flops of the decade. Since I'm not a negative guy at heart, it was only a matter of time before I came up with a more positive spin on the whole tech-products-of-the-decade concept that's all the rage as we approach the end of '09.

Once again, I've enlisted the help of my fellow editors, so while my name may appear at the top of this list, it's really a collective effort. That said, you can blame me if you don't like the picks.

As always, feel free to suggest your own picks. If you make a good case, we'll update the list and make some changes. Also, let us know what your top five picks are in order of innovation and influence.

Click on any image to start the slideshow and see the picks (they are listed in alphabetical order).

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