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Thatcher funeral draws iPlayer's second-biggest live crowd

The funeral of Margaret Thatcher was the second most-watched live TV programme ever on BBC iPlayer.

The funeral of Margaret Thatcher was the second most-watched live TV programme ever on BBC iPlayer. Only the London 2012 Olympics drew more live viewers than the farewell service for Britain's first female Prime Minister.

832,000 people watched the funeral as it happened, while another 150,00 later watched online, according to the latest iPlayer viewing figures for April. Sight-unseen talent show The Voice UK and the return of timey-wimey caper Doctor Who also did well, each watched by more than 7.5m people.

Thatcher's funeral also contributed to a record-breaking month for radio, which drew 74 million listens. 84 per cent of those were live. Total viewing and listening dipped with the sprunging of Spring, but up to 57 million TV and radio shows were still viewed or listened to per week.

Nearly a third of iPlayer usage involves a tablet or mobile phone, which were used to watch or listen to 75 million TV or radio programmes during April.

Remember, if you watch anything live on iPlayer you do need to buy a TV license. If you just watch catch-up TV and don't own a TV, you don't need to pay -- but hey, the licence fee is more than worth it.

It's a good time for online streaming: new online-exclusive shows have appeared on LoveFilm with the arrival of Amazon Original programmes, while much-loved dysfunctionfest Arrested Development made its long-awaited comeback on Netflix this week.

How do you watch films and TV? Do you pay for a service like Netflix or Lovefilm, or do you like to keep TV on your TV? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or tune in to our Facebook page.