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Suse Linux virtualized on Windows--why?

Virtualization changes the way we deploy and manage servers. Microsoft needs to get all of the OS vendors to interoperate with Windows to stay competitive.

As Suse Linux fades further from any relevance outside of Microsoft, and Red Hat and Sun make huge strides in virtualization, Novell plans to offer support for Suse running on Windows. Is there meaning here or is Novell just becoming more of a Microsoft puppet?

Microsoft and Novell announced that they will jointly support a virtualization scenario in which Suse Linux is running as a guest operating system under Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization.

I can't see any production scenario where you would possibly want to go through all those layers of abstraction and performance degradation. As one commenter stated "Linux running in a VM on top of a MS host platform..because everyone wants to put their Corvette on top of a skateboard."

But, Sun also announced a partnership with Microsoft on virtualization, which leaves Red Hat and VMware without an MS relationship. Dare to dream that all the vendors will figure out a way to make virtualization consumable and portable across operating systems?

Now that Microsoft's Hyper-V is free it will be widely adopted. Which means that Windows won't be displaced at companies that are going down a virtualized path. Portability and interop have been an after-thought for all of the vendors. It's about time they started making things work together.