Super Bowl XLVI launches free app for game day

Hoping to help fans navigate Indianapolis during Super Bowl Week, the NFL releases the Super Bowl XLVI Guide app for iOS and Android yesterday.


The NFL is gearing up for tens of thousands of visitors to descend upon Indianapolis to watch the Super Bowl live this weekend. In order to help fans navigate the city and stadium, the sports federation released a free app yesterday for iOS and Android called Super Bowl XLVI Guide.

Screenshot of Super Bowl XLVI Guide NFL

The app's features include a detailed guide to local restaurants, nightlife, and official Super Bowl events, a 3D map of Indianapolis, and an interactive 3D map of Lucas Oil Stadium, along with screens to follow different social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The idea is to put every app you'd like to access during game day into one synchronized interface.

One 3D map shows users a bird's-eye-view of the stadium and lets them hone in on their seats, while another shows the parking lot and city restaurants. However, according to The Verge, these maps aren't very helpful--there isn't a built-in navigation, so users must pinch and zoom around buildings and structures to locate their route.

Other problems, according to The Verge, are that users can't tap the pins showing a restaurant or shop--so it's impossible to get the name of a place. Additionally, users can't bookmark locations or events.

If people are dead-set on using a Super Bowl app, the NFL also just released the Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App on Sunday. This app can be useful for people watching from home too because it features include each team's road to Super Bowl XLVI, Super Bowl history, game breakdown and key stats, video, and post-game bonus features like video highlights and player interviews; this app, however, costs $2.99.

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