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Sun's Ian Murdock on OpenSolaris and Linux

Sun's Ian Murdock is one of the more lucid thinkers on open source strategy at Sun.

InfoWorld's Paul Krill interviewed Ian Murdock at JavaOne and got some good tidbits including Murdocks' thoughts on making money with open source and the licensing issues associated with CDDL and GPL.

I think the big question around open source is how do you make money from it? And it's because the software industry has traditionally been built on an intellectual property licensing model. But the reality of the situation is with the rise of open-source software, developers don't buy things anymore. [It is] a world where you can go to the Web and download just about anything you could possibly need to put an application into production. So you don't monetize at the point of acquisition of software any longer, you have to monetize at a different place.
Definitely worth a read.