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StumbleUpon adds more partner sites

Online discovery site, which competes with Digg, Reddit, and Mixx, snags Funny Or Die, Atom, Scientific American, and for its partner program.

StumbleUpon, an online discovery site that competes with Digg, Mixx, and Reddit, said Tuesday it has expanded its partner program to include Funny Or Die, Atom, Scientific American, and

StumbleUpon launched its partner program this fall with HowStuffWorks, National Geographic, Rolling Stone, and The Huffington Post. According to StumbleUpon, its partner program tools help sites' users find articles, photos, and videos indexed by StumbleUpon without heading to StumbleUpon's site, downloading its toolbar, or registering for an account.

StumbleUpon said its feature offer more exposure for its partner sites' best content and, in turn, increase the appeal of StumbleUpon and its discovery engine.

"StumbleUpon is fortunate to able to partner with these premier publishers to expose Stumbling on the Web to an even larger audience," Michael Buhr, general manager of StumbleUpon, said in a statement.

Whether adding a handful of partner sites will yield better results for StumbleUpon remains to be seen. But as the company's executives said when the program kicked off, they hope to open it up to all publishers soon.