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Starfish wants to close browser gap

Utilities from Starfish Software seek to bridge the gap between different browsers.

Starfish Software today introduced a suite of utilities designed to bridge the gap between browsers from different vendors by working with any 32-bit Windows browser.

At Comdex trade show today in Chicago, the software company headed by former Borland International chief Philippe Kahn unveiled the Internet Suite, a collection of four plug-ins that work with any browser that runs on Windows 95 or Windows NT, meaning of course, either Netscape Communications' Navigator or Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

The plug-ins are united by a single control panel:
--QuickMarks, a bookmarking tool that reads both Navigator bookmarks and Explorer Favorites. It also alerts users when a favorite site has been updated.
--NetMeter, a monitor to keep track of online usage and free time available with multiple service providers.
--QuickZip, a PKZip-compatible tool that lets users compress and decompress files by dragging and dropping them onto the icon.
--NetClock, which lets users monitor up to four time zones simultaneously on the control panel.

Starfish officials expect Internet Utilities to ship at the end of the month. The company has not set pricing, but the suite is likely to cost less than $50.