Stalk your favorite TV characters (legally) with Whrrl

With the recent takedowns of fictional characters on Twitter, location-based social network Whrrl has gone the legal route with HBO's 'Entourage'.


Location-based social network Whrrl has forged a rather odd partnership with content provider HBO to place various fictional characters from the show Entourage as real users on its network.

Events from the television show will end up as annotated items on Whrrl's user-generated map. You can subscribe to whichever of the characters you want, and each of their items go into your central friends feed along with regular users who are providing "real" ratings and locational bookmarks. As the series progresses, locations seen on the show will continue to be placed on the map.

This is a novel move in a time when content is getting its own community-made fan characters. Some of the first signs of this were on Facebook with fake user accounts, then later fan pages administrated by fans once Facebook began to clamp down. Most recently, the trend has ended up on Twitter with characters from AMC's Mad Men and Marvel comics getting taken down by the parent companies who own that intellectual property.

You can find the various characters from the show on this page. If this ends up being a hit, expect it to leech out into other social networks and shows.

Whrrl now lets you follow characters from the TV show 'Entourage'. The characters will continue to update with events from the show as the season progresses. CBS Interactive
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