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Spotify expands to new markets as iTunes Radio applies pressure

The company's streaming service is now available in Turkey, Greece, Taiwan, and Argentina, growing its footprint to 32 markets worldwide.

Watch out, Spotify. Here comes iTunes Radio.
Watch out, Spotify. Here comes iTunes Radio. James Martin/CNET

Spotify has expanded to four more countries as competition starts to heat up.

The company on Tuesday announced that its streaming-music service is now available in Turkey, Greece, Taiwan, and Argentina. The move comes as Spotify continues to expand globally and increase its leverage in the music-streaming business. Spotify's service is now available in 32 markets around the world.

Spotify's expansion comes amid growing competition in the streaming-music space. Last week, Apple launched its streaming alternative iTunes Radio. Although the free service is quite different from Spotify's subscriber model, both companies -- along with Pandora and countless other streaming providers -- are competing for a finite number of listeners.

For now, Spotify has the edge on iTunes Radio, since the latter is only available in the US. However, Apple will be launching iTunes Radio globally in due time, potentially placing pressure on Spotify and other services that have a foothold in international markets.

Spotify has more than 24 million active users worldwide and more than 6 million paying subscribers.