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Sony mocks Microsoft's Kinect with new site

The site purports to show people why buttons, which will be available on its PlayStation Move motion-gaming controller, work better than Microsoft's controller-free Kinect.

YayButtons taking aim at Microsoft Kinect.
YayButtons takes aim at Microsoft Kinect. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

Sony has a problem with Microsoft's decision to control all on-screen action via player movement with its Kinect motion-gaming peripheral. And it wants to world to know.

The company has quietly launched its YayButtons site that details why Sony believes the use of buttons, which are found on the upcoming PlayStation Move controller, makes for a better gaming experience.

YayButtons includes an image of the PlayStation Move controller. People can click the buttons on the device to see why Sony believes they are necessary in motion gaming.

"It turns out that buttons are pretty important," one of the site's messages read. Another states that buttons are "not like 'save the whales important.' More like 'don't play games that suck' important."

People can keep clicking on the site to see the numerous messages displayed. At no point does Sony's site mention Microsoft or Kinect by name, but it's clear throughout that it's taking aim at its competitor. Some of the messages ask people how they can expect to play first-person shooters without buttons. Others say that without buttons, players lose control over the game, since anyone can "yell pause. Tragic."

Microsoft has yet to respond to YayButtons. The company did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Sony's PlayStation Move launches Friday. Those hoping to free their fingers from buttons with Kinect must wait until November 4.