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Shouldn't we have made our minds up on Twitter by now?

Dueling perspectives from CNET

Apparently not. Nearly three months--an eternity in Web years--after Twitter's meteoric rise to Web stardom at the 2007 South by Southwest Interactive Festival, there still isn't a real consensus on whether it's a lasting fixture of the Web or just a geeky fad. Consequently, two CNET writers presented opposite sides of the debate.

On one hand, senior writer Elinor Mills gave the case against Twitter, expressing her opinion that she doesn't "understand the need to spew out personal information and random thoughts to the world," especially when Twitter posts "read like a bad college poetry experiment in droll dada-ism."

On the other hand, staff writer Caroline McCarthy (full disclosure: That's me) wrote that, in Twitter's defense she finds it a great medium for expressing how much she wants to eat ice cream right this very minute, and that randomness doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Who's right? Read 'em both and make up your mind.