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Searchles TV: Multivideo embed tool

Want to put multiple video clips in a single embed? Try Searchles TV.

Searchles, the social network that launched last June, has rolled out a new feature called Searchles TV, which lets you combine multiple clips from multiple services to share elsewhere in an embeddable player. Similar to SplashCast (see previous coverage), you can jog back and forth between clips without leaving the player. Searchles works with videos from YouTube, MySpace, Google Video, Grouper and, and plans to add more partners in the future.

What's neat about Searchles TV is that embedded players will reflect any changes you make to the master feed. SplashCast does this too, and it works really well if you want to showcase different content without having to change the embed code on a blog or Web site. This can be especially helpful in a site like MySpace, where making changes to the code can get a little tedious.

Here's a Searchles TV spot I created in about two minutes.