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Salesforce partners with WeWork to target SMBs

CNET@Work: The CRM giant will offer WeWork members 30 percent off its software available in the recently launched WeWork Services Store.

With technology increasingly intertwined with all aspects of business, CNET@Work can help you -- prosumers to small businesses with fewer than five employees -- get started.

Salesforce has inked a new partnership with workspace-sharing company WeWork in an effort to expose more small businesses to its CRM software portfolio.

The partnership builds off of WeWork's just-launched Services Store, which aims to serve as a sort of sales conduit for SMBs, where they can source software needed to build, manage and grow their business.


In order to differentiate from ordinary app stores, WeWork offers much of the software in the Services Store at heavily discounted prices.

Salesforce is now jumping onto WeWork's discount bandwagon. The CRM giant will offer WeWork members 30 percent off its software available in the Services Store, joining the likes of Slack, Amazon Web Services, GoDaddy and Xero, which also have discounted offerings through WeWork.

"We created the Services Store to help our members easily browse and buy the services they need through a new one-stop shop," said Ron Gura, WeWork SVP of digital product. "We all need the right support to truly do what we love, and offering new solutions through software is increasingly important as we continue to grow our own business here at WeWork."

WeWork is one of the most valuable startups in the US, with a reported valuation of nearly $17 billion. The company has recently started to target corporate clients and just last week inked a membership deal with IBM, in which the tech giant will move up to 600 employees into WeWork office space in New York. The agreement effectively made WeWork's building at 88 University Place IBM's de facto corporate office.