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Running for office? Target your Victory

Need help raising funds for a political cause? Victory Events will help fill your campaign chest.

Targeted Victory

Targeted Victory a full-service digital advertising agency, has announced its newest social engagement tool called Victory Events, an online fundraising platform tailor-made for political fundraisers. It's a platform that allows you to manage invitations, attendees, tickets, and scheduling in one simple Eco-system.

By working with other platforms such as Victory Passport and Targeted Engagement, they have created what they say is a user-friendly atmosphere and platform that is customizable for each event.

According to Targeted Victory, while creating an event you can maximize your success using Targeted Events, it is a customizable template and is easy to use when reaching out to past donors. The platform is aimed toward all levels of competition and political fundraising.

It's a low-fee platform, which is a 1.5 percent cost, and an efficient way to have an event planned. You can try a demo here.