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Rough patches for XP update

Microsoft's security-minded SP2 update to Windows XP finally makes it out the door, but not without stumbling.

Microsoft's security-minded SP2 update to Windows XP finally makes it out the door, but not without stumbling.

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CNET's Security Watch editor, Robert Vamosi, looks at potential benefits, drawbacks.

Microsoft tackles AMD conflict

Under certain circumstances, SP2 may not work on computers powered by chipmaker's 64-bit processors.
August 27, 2004

Tackling the SP2 vs. AMD issue

blog For a conflict that causes a computer to continually restart, the only guaranteed fix is to uninstall the XP update.
August 27, 2004

Microsoft preps XP push, mulls Longhorn 'priorities'

With SP2 out the door, the software giant readies a slew of new products for the holidays and revisits options for major Windows revision, CNET has learned.
August 26, 2004

Microsoft offers SP2 compatibility guide

Windows XP update can be tough on other applications. Guidelines are meant to help professionals "test and mitigate."
August 25, 2004

SP2: To install or not to install

editors' picks After a long wait and many Microsoft promises, SP2 is finally here. But will you (or should you) install it?
August 25, 2004

"We have not rolled out SP2 yet because of software conflicts. We would rather deal with the security issues?than have our tens of thousands of associates create extra software problems for us to get under control.

"If SP2 works for you and your needs, then fabulous, that's what it's there for. But if it just creates a whole new list of headaches to deal with, then hold off."

--Casey Davis

SP2: Bad for your blood pressure?

That's what some IT managers say, a survey finds. Even more believe it will be the toughest Windows update ever.
August 24, 2004

Microsoft addresses networking conflict

One SP2-injected change involves a loss of network connectivity for workstations that use a Microsoft VPN client.
August 24, 2004

IE flaw: User's problem or Microsoft's?

blog A malicious exploit raises questions about how far the software maker must go to keep users from being their own worst enemies.
August 23, 2004

Drag-and-drop flaw mars update

Independent researcher finds an Internet Explorer vulnerability that could turn drag-and-drop into drag-and-infect.
August 20, 2004

Stumbling over SP2

perspective CNET's Mike Ricciuti says Microsoft has no choice but to get the Windows XP update on solid footing, and soon.
August 20, 2004 previous coverage

Firm points to flaws in Windows security update

German security company says it found minor problems in SP2; researchers predict more critical issues will emerge.
August 18, 2004

Microsoft delays SP2 auto update

Slowdown will give big companies more time to hunt down compatibility problems, the company says.
August 17, 2004

From Microsoft, a list of SP2 conflicts

Software giant tells just which programs are having issues with its Service Pack 2 update for Windows XP.
August 16, 2004

Up against the firewall with SP2

blog The tally after one week: 47 conflicts between the Windows XP update's firewall and commonly used applications.
August 16, 2004
arrow Will SP2 protect your system?
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More secure? Not so fast

CNET Reviews Before you get too excited about SP2's security shakeup, take a moment to slice through the hoopla. There's still a lot of work yet to be done toward eliminating Internet threats.
August 13, 2004

No SP2 over P2P

Peer-to-peer advocacy group says it has stopped distributing Windows Service Pack 2 after legal move by software giant.
August 13, 2004

Microsoft's blast from the past

A year after the MSBlast worm, the software giant releases SP2 for Windows XP. Would it have stopped the fast-spreading virus?
August 12, 2004

Fencing off the SP2 upgrade

Temporary block allows companies to make sure that there are no problems with custom applications and other software.
August 11, 2004

Windows update hits file-sharing networks

Boosters say P2P is about more than just bootlegging Hollywood movies and swapping Britney's latest single. Really.
August 10, 2004

IE is evolving, but is it enough?

Internet Explorer is getting its first update in two years. Many want more, but Microsoft still says no new browser until Longhorn.
August 10, 2004

CIOs: No hurry to install SP2

Fears about software stability are behind a corporate wait-and-see approach toward the Windows XP update.
August 10, 2004

IBM goes slow on XP update

As Microsoft ships Service Pack 2 to manufacturing, IBM tells its workers not to install the software pending more compatibility tests.
August 9, 2004

Update will power AMD security features

Installation of SP2 will trigger automatic enhancements to AMD64 chips, which, the chipmaker says, puts it ahead of rival Intel.
August 9, 2004

The business end of SP2

news.commentary For enterprises, mass implementation of the Windows XP service pack isn't a practical reality.
August 9, 2004

Security vendors face new kid on block: Microsoft

Update for Windows XP includes security features such as a firewall, but antivirus firms say they aren't worried.
August 9, 2004

After delays, Windows security update ready to go

Microsoft hands XP Service Pack 2 to PC makers and says that for many customers, automatic updates are the way to go.
August 6, 2004

Patch pre-empts problem in update

Flaw in the upcoming Service Pack 2 conflicts with Microsoft business program.
August 4, 2004