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Robots and supermodels: Joost's public launch soon

Joost is launching soon. Are you prepared?

The public release for Joost is very close. Today, the makers of the media service announced a content distribution deal with Turner Broadcasting, and forthcoming content from big names like Sports Illustrated, the NHL, and Sony Pictures Television (makers of Seinfeld and The Shield). Hasbro is also pitching in with the now classic series: G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero, as well as the original series of Transformers.

What may be the most interesting announcement though, is that current Joost beta testers will soon be given unlimited invitations to send to friends. This is typically a move that indicates the service is very close general public availability. Previously Joost operated under a limited invite process doling out a few tokens to each user periodically, similar to what Googledid with Gmail.

Sports fans might be somewhat disappointed, however, to learn that the Sports Illustrated partnership is centered completely on the magazine's swimsuit issue.

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