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Oops! RNC declares Pence winner of veep debate before it starts

Republicans accidentally puts on its website that Mike Pence won the vice presidential debate hours before it begins.


Oops. The Republican National Committee called the vice presidential debate for Mike Pence before it even began.


Perhaps the Republicans are playing Jedi mind tricks.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) on Tuesday apparently (or by accident) declared on its website that Mike Pence was the winner of the vice presidential debate, about two hours before it was slated to begin.

"Americans from all across the country tuned in to watch the one and only Vice Presidential debate," said a blog post on "During the debate we helped fact check and monitor the conversation in real time @GOP. The consensus was clear after the dust settled, Mike Pence was the clear winner of the debate."

The incident came as Pence is scheduled to take on Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine in their only scheduled debate at Longwood University in Virginia. Both nominees are expected to defend their running mates, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton, respectively.

The RNC online post also said Pence's key moments focused on the "economy" and "highlighting Hillary's scandals." The post has been since removed.

The GOP also posted a separate blog featuring the headline, "It's Clear Who Lost the VP Debate, Hillary Clinton.

"Tim Kaine was unable to answer for his running-mate's record of failure, corruption and secrecy at tonight's debate. The American people have spoken and it's clear who tonight's biggest loser is, Hillary Clinton," the other post said.