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Report: Police examine culpability of those who encouraged suicide

Teenager's suicide broadcast to Web was watched by hundreds, some who egged him on. Police are investigating whether those who encouraged the 19-year-old bear any responsibility.

Police in Pembroke Pines, Fla., are trying to determine whether those who goaded a Florida 19-year-old to commit suicide bear any responsibility in his death, according to several reports.

"There is an active investigation," Sgt. John Gazzano of the Pembroke Pines Police Department told CNET News. He did not provide any other details.

Last week, the teenager set up a Webcam to broadcast himself taking an overdose of drugs on Web video service The 12-hour ordeal was watched by hundreds of people, some who encouraged the young man to do away with himself.

"You want to kill yourself?" said one post to a message left by the teenager saying he intended to kill himself. "Do the world a favor and stop wasting our time with your mindless self pity."

Others attempted to contact police and save the young man.

This is believed to be the first suicide broadcast live to the Web from the United States. In Great Britain, a 42-year-old man hanged himself last year.