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Report: Andreessen launches VC fund

Serial entrepreneur and investor Marc Andreessen has launched a venture fund with former Opsware executive Ben Horowitz, according to a report in peHUB.

Dan Farber/CNET Networks

Marc Andreessen is adding venture capitalist to the growing list of titles he wears in the tech world, which includes serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and browser technology pioneer, according to a report in peHUB.

Andreessen is launching the venture fund with Ben Horowitz, a former Netscape veteran and co-founder of Opsware, two companies that Andreessen co-founded, the report states.

The venture fund is the latest evolution to the angel investment relationship Andreessen and Horowitz share. Last year, for example, the pair were angel investors in mobile video service Qik and virtual world company Metaplace.

And Thursday night, Andreessen made an appearance on the Charlie Rose show, in which he discussed his role as an entrepreneur, investor, and now a venture capitalist.

Andreessen is launching a venture capital fund at a time when VC investments into start-ups has taken a hit, falling 71 percent in the fourth quarter to $3.4 billion, over the previous year.

Nonetheless, Andreessen does have a track record for creating companies that have gone public or been acquired for big bucks, from the former browser pioneer Netscape to the $1.6 billion acquisition of Opsware.