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Remote-control your stuff with this four-pack of 16-amp smart plugs for $18

These Gosund smart plugs operate high-amperage appliances but are slim enough that they don't cover the other outlet.

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Gosund smart plugs


Last week, I wrote about a deal on Gosund smart plugs on Amazon. With a four-pack of the cheery, round plugs priced at $24, that comes out to $6 per plug. (The original Gosund smart plug deal is still going through Jan. 31, by the way.) But here's an even better deal on a different set of Gosund smart plugs: Now though the end of the month, you can get a four-pack of Gosund 6-amp Wi-Fi smart plugs for $18 when you apply discount code JQJWJJAR at checkout. If you want me to do the math for you, that's 40% off the regular price of $30 and works out to about $4.50 per plug.

So how are these different from the $24 smart plugs? They're shaped a little bit smarter, for starters -- narrow and pill-shaped, you can easily stack two of them at a standard outlet and they won't interfere with each other. They also support high-amp appliances, rated for 16 amps (most smart plugs top out at 10 amps).

Otherwise, they're basically the same; they work with the Gosund mobile app as well as Alexa and Google Home, and they connect to your Wi-Fi network, so there's no need for any intermediate smart home hub.  

You might have noticed that this deal appeared last week and expired more or less instantly. I reached out the folks at Gonsund and they reset the deal for Cheapskate readers, so it's working once again -- if all goes well, now through Jan. 25. 

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