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Purina launches Digg clone: It's for the dogs

Purina's got a Digg clone of sorts for news, photos, and videos about cats and dogs.

Stories about animals are a staple for the nightly news and frequently make their way to the front page of news sites such as Diggand CNN. Not to be left out, Purina, purveyors of food for dogs and cats has its own social news site devoted to all things domestic pet with Pet Charts, a self-proclaimed "definitive guide to the best pet stuff online." It features news stories, videos, and photos for dogs and cats.

Users can swap between either species or view both at once. Content is ranked numerically and can be voted on by clicking the green paw buttons next to each story. Voting requires no user registration, and the stories are aggregated automatically from several different sources. Not included is a way for users to add their own content, or tools to place the paw buttons on external sites to encourage users to add additional votes.

Pet Charts is no icanhascheezburger, but it's certainly worth a look. In comparison with other social news sites, Digg has its own pets and animals section in the offbeat news category. Much of the content on Digg is relegated to videos and photographs, while Pet Charts splits it up into three different sections. Social news network Mixx also has its own pets category that's got an eclectic mix of its own.

[via Digg]

Purina Pet Charts
Can dog and cat food makers topple Digg's pet news section? More importantly, how cute is that dog? Awwwwwwe. (Click to enlarge) CNET Networks