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Politics, courts stall encryption

Encryption, one of the most contentious high-technology issues, wends its way through the court system and the political mill--slowly.

The past two weeks have brought key cases on encryption as well as policy debates about its regulation to the fore. In the courts are two professors who are testing their legal rights to use and teach cryptography. On Capitol Hill are the politicians, law enforcement officials, bureaucrats, companies, and advocates advancing and opposing export restrictions and mandatory key recovery. Here's a look at the most recent stories.

White House shuns FBI crypto plan
By Dan Goodin
update The Clinton administration's top official on encryption policy backs away from a controversial proposal to regulate domestic use of encryption.

Crypto class case at square one
By Courtney Macavinta
Law professor Peter Junger files a new challenge to federal regulations that prevent him from teaching encryption to foreign students or posting his course on the Net.

Injunction blocked in crypto case
By Dan Goodin
A federal judge temporarily blocks an injunction issued earlier this week in a closely watched case testing government restrictions on the export of encryption.

Latest crypto ruling appealed
By Dan Goodin
U.S. attorneys will file an emergency appeal to stay an injunction issued in a closely watched case testing the government's restrictions on encryption.

Crypto ruling impact unclear
By Dan Goodin
news analysis Attorneys and academics are still trying to figure out what the most recent federal court ruling on cryptography means for the high-tech industry.

New crypto rules deemed unconstitutional
By Dan Goodin
A federal judge rules that recently revised regulations limiting the export of encryption are unconstitutional.