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Picbite adds bite-sized notes to your photos

Add small notes to your photos with Picbite.

2View, one of my favorite tools for adding notes to digital photos recently ceased to exist, and since then I've been wondering if any other services would pop up in its void. Today I've been playing around with Picbite, a wonderfully simple (and slightly similar) way to add small speech bubbles or annotations to photos from your hard drive or from a Web link.

You can add small, yellow notes of any size to images then share them with others. The service provides a direct link as well as embed codes for use on popular social networking sites, forums, and as direct downloads in JPEG and PNG formats. I've placed a small thumbnail sized example of a Picbite I made from our coverage of Under the Radar last year at the end of the post (original shot by Brian Solis).

I don't think it's nearly as fun as 2View was, but with more types of speech bubbles to use, it has got great potential for keeping annotation simple and elegant.

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[via Delicious]